anyone else notice that throughout season 2 of the fosters, brandon and callie match clothing.

i find that so fucking adorable. 

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Anonymous said: If you get the chance please read my Brandon and Callie one shot for the christmas episode! There's going to be three parts and I'm going to edit it too! Thanks :)

It would help if I know who you were….haha

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brallie is unhealthy

but it’s totally healthy to abandon your family and move to another state solely to be with a girl who you know has feelings for another guy



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How are we going to act like this isn’t endgame? There’s no way any two characters could be better suited for each other than these two.

Anonymous said: What do you think will happen in the Christmas episode based off of the title?

I sorta think that it’ll be like a what if type of episode.

Like after what would life be like if Callie had known that Robert was her father all along. I think the episode will start with the Brallie kiss (which was already said). Then I think Sophia will be taken to the hospital (possible committing suicide attempt). Callie could possibly be in her room and somehow they get on the topic of what life would be like if she always knew about Robert and it would be Christmas based.

Whether it’ll have Brallie more than the kiss at the beginning (which I certainly hope so) I’m not sure.

But this is just my guess of a possibility.

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Anonymous said: the christmas ep is titled christmas past!!

I saw that!! I’m excited to see what happens!

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Brandon and Callie being with anyone other than each other wouldn’t be fair to themselves or the other people in the relationship. I mean, It was never fair to Wyatt. Hell, Callie told Wyatt she loved him, and after she started pulling away, he immediately assumed it was because she…

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