The table read for 2B is TODAY!!! Oh Michelle Hayden’s Mom said she’d get us some Mavid pictures!  We can always count on her for the best pictures! I knew she wouldn’t let us down! 

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I gave up so much to be adopted.


If Bradley Bredeweg doesn’t give a shit about Brallie haters, I guess I shouldn’t either.


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Anonymous said: I know you like pretty little liars and the fosters (of course) but what other shows do you like? :)

Hmm I also like Red Band Society (I’ve watched the pilot like 10 times already), Glee, Switched at Birth, Young and Hungry, and some reality show competitions. Haha.

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Anonymous said: Hey do you mind reblogging "how to reply to brallie hate" and the gif was "to busy mackin out" i just remember really laughing hard at that & i can't find it on your blog. Which btw i lovee!

Aww thank you!!

I reblogged it a while ago! Here’s the link 😊

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I kinda like this edit I made..