When he said this I died. And I love and noticed that he said “love” and not “loved” so maybe/hopefully there are still feelings for one another
David you are KILLING me

Anonymous said: How many tweets do you have from David?


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Being a night owl has its perks. 3rd week in a row that David tweeted me 🙈

Anonymous said: I feel like in the next episode brandon is gonna freak out about the fire that callie almost dies in he will lose his cool a little bit and show affection for callie and they will have a moment and thats where lou sees actual proof of their chemistry... What do u think ?

The fire is in 2x08. Not next weeks episode. But I’m not sure how it’ll go down. I’m interested in seeing how it’ll play out.

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brayliecody said: What was the video you said "WHAT" to about? I can't see it.


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"I know how it feel’s to love you, and not knowing why you’re pulling away. It’s, a lonely place to be…” - Brandon to Callie
ok hasn’t this family had enough shit every fosters fan during every episode ever (via caliamity)

(via myfostersobsession)

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staliamates said: ugh i feel like ABC family is trying to trick us because that does not look like Lou, Lou and Callie look completely different, i think it looked more like Callie.

Nope. It doesn’t look like Callie. Sadly. I believe it’s Lou and Brandon. Especially because the hair is longer.

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